Get a sponsor for your MBA

If lack of money is the only thing that is keeping you from applying to business school, then you will be happy to know that you can actually get someone else to pay for your tuition fees. It doesn’t matter if you want to study in a top or second class business school, there are companies out there who are willing to fund the education of deserving yet underprivileged individuals. You probably have plenty of questions in your mind right now. You probably want to know if all companies offer sponsorship or how many MBA students out there are actually being sponsored by companies or how corporate sponsorship really works. Most of your questions and concerns are addressed below.

Start where you are. If you are already employed, then you can ask your company if it is open to sponsoring employees for an MBA education or not. Not all companies are open to providing free education to their employees. If your company says yes, you must be clear about the conditions end the terms involved. Some companies will pay for the tuition fees from start to finish then there are those who are only willing to provide partial sponsorship. Of course, you really wouldn’t know what your company is willing to offer or not if you will not ask. So the first thing that you should do is to approach whoever is the person in charge of such program and ask if your company is open to sponsoring employees like you for an MBA.

Market yourself well. It all falls down to how you market yourself. First of all, you must exude confidence. How can you convince your company to sponsor your MBA if you are not confident about yourself. When you do submit a proposal to your company, focus on the many ways in which your MBA can help in the company’s growth. It will definitely be more difficult for you if your company does not really sponsor employees for higher education. But it is not an impossible feat. If your company has sponsored MBA in the past, then try to figure out what kind of sponsorship were they able to provide and then build on that.

Learn to negotiate. Apart from the monetary benefits, you should also learn how to negotiate other things such as having a more flexible working hours especially during exams. You can expect your company to be fully supportive of your education, but you can present a working schedule where both you and your company will benefit. Again, this all boils down on how you can market the importance of having an MBA to your future role in the company. It is probably necessary that you present yourself as a future leader of your organization. Your company should be able to view the sponsorship as an investment with big returns. Expect that your company will ask you to sign a contract. Make sure that whatever is stipulated in the contract is fair to all parties involved.

Education is very important in the success of individuals. Don’t let lack of funds prevent you from seeking an MBA. You can turn to corporate sponsorship for support in your education.

Get a sponsor for your video game

Creating a video game can be a very exciting endeavor. But it can also be very expensive. If you want to make computer games but you don’t have the cash needed , then you should know that there are companies who are willing to fund the creation of video games in exchange for advertising. Here’s how it works: These companies will give you the money that you need so you can make a high quality computer game and in return, you will put the name of their product or service inside your game. Sounds simple right? It is if you know the things that you need to do to get a good sponsorship deal.

Think of a sponsor first, then create the game. One of the things that you can do to make sure that your game will be funded is to to make it with a sponsor in mind already. For example, you really want to tap a local grocery as a sponsor, then what you can do is to make a game using that particular grocery as a setting. You can even throw in naming rights to the game. You can call your game, “Adventures Inside Joe’s Grocery.” There are two ways to follow this strategy. You can come up with the game concept first before you approach potential sponsors or you can go to sponsors and tell them you want to make a game based on their brand.

Don’t approach just one company. Getting sponsors is a numbers game. Don’t expect to bag a sponsorship on your first try. What you should do is compile a list of potential sponsors that you want to approach. You should be relentless in your search for sponsors and you should not be discouraged when you get rejected. Don’t be afraid that people will get annoyed by your persistence. It is just a natural reaction. If you really believe ion your game and that you have something to offer sponsors, then you will not be afraid to go up to companies to ask for sponsorship.

Believe in your game. As previously mentioned, if you believe in your game then you will not feel shamed to ask fro sponsorship. So the first thing that you should do is to make sure that you create a game that you can be proud of. Something that you know can be worth lots of money. If you don’t believe in your game, then you can forget pitching it to sponsors. There really is nothing wrong with being in it for the money. But even if you just want to make money, be sure to create a product that is worth the money that you are expecting. This is called providing value for value. And this is what many game developers fail to understand.

The secret to the success of many game developers is sponsorship. Others may think it is selling out but keep in mind that without cash, your game ideas will remain in your head.

Eat & Drink to Raise Money

One easy way to raise money for any school or college organization is to get a large group of people together and go to a designated cafe or restaurant after making a prior agreement with the establishment to let you keep or earn a percentage of the food consumed and drinks consumed during a designated time period, at the place, by the people in your group.  You agree to advertise the restaurant and try to get as many people to go there on the agreed upon date, as possible.  The more people you get to attend and spending some money the more the restaurant makes and the more you hope to raise for your cause.

Its an effective way to get a sponsorship from a local business.  Everyone that you get to come, gets to enjoy a good time, eating and drinking good food.  Everyone knows that its for a good cause.  The restaurant gets free advertising and will usually agree to have the event on a slow night.

This is a great way for kids in school or college or in a fraternity or in a sorority  to have a good time while raising money at the same time.

How to raise money?

A school – the actual structure -  is not the only thing that children need in order to learn. They also need books, school supplies and other materials in order to have proper education. They also need proper nutrition and equipment to train their bodies as well as their minds to ensure proper growth and development. The problem is, these things cost money. This is why school’s are always trying to raise money. It needs to have funds so it can fulfill its mission.

If you are trying to help a school raise funds, then you probably know already that it is not an easy task. With the state of the economy nowadays, it is harder for people to let go of their hard earned money. But do not despair. There are still ways for you to make money for your school. You can start by following the tips in this article.

Tap Parents and Teachers

When searching for potential donors for a school, you really need not go far. The first persons that you need to approach are the parents of the kids and the teachers in the school. It is not only money that you can get from these individuals. Maybe they have some ideas that can help raise funds for the school. The best way to elicit support from parents and teachers is to first gather them. You can stage an event or you can simply arrange a meeting where you can discuss your plans with them. Make them excited about your plans. Let them exactly what you are planning to do with the money that you will raise. Show them clearly how it will help their children have a better future.

Stage a Fundraiser

The next thing that you should do is to stage the actual fundraiser. Again, for the actual execution of the plan, you can ask for help from the parents and teachers. There are actually many ways to make money. And the more volunteers you have on your team, the more money you are likely to raise. You can organize a garage sale, a car wash, a talent show, etc. Your mind and imagination is the only limit. As long as it is legal and will not interfere with the education of the kids, then it is OK for you to do it.

Take Your Campaign Online

It would be unwise for you not to take your campaign online. With the power and reach that social networks have, there is great potential for you to raise funds if you will use the tools that the Internet provides. Put up a Facebook page and set up a twitter account. You can even create a blog for your cause. The best thing about these online tools is that they are mostly free. All you need is the time and willingness to update them regularly. By going online, you can also take your campaign on a whole new level. You can even make your campaign go viral with the proper means.

Raising money for school need not be hard. You can start with the tips above.

Raising money for your child’s school

Helping other people and your children’s school will not only help your children but the kids in your community.  School budgets are stretch very thin so an additional money from outside sources will go a long way to providing your kids with the necessary learning materials to further their education.  That is why you need to formulate strategies and ideas on how to raise fund for your child’s school.

As previously states, cutbacks are forcing school to seek alternative ways to raise funds.  To offset those cutbacks, parents need to help schools raise money.  There are lots of ways to raise money for our kids education.  The purpose of this article today is to offer some tips on how to raise money for your child’s school.

Thinking outside the box and also being creative can easily help you to raise money for your child’s school.

One fantastic means to raise money for your child’s school is to host a big event. This occasion should take advantage of the schools resources, like the school gym, auditorium, play ground, or any large public space to play the event around.

Another fantastic idea is selling product made by the students. People will always recognize things made by children as worthy of our time and money. Children nowadays are so creative and talented; they can make lots of different things and have great ideas. Crafts, simple foods and other simple products are great to make and sell to the surrounding community.

Yet another imaginative idea is setting up a raffle or a lottery where people by tickets in hope of winning a grand prize.

Getting sponsors to donate money, prizes, food, and drinks are other ways to help organize fundraising events.  In the end, there are lots of ways to raise funds for your child’s school.  You are only limited by your imagination and hard work.


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